students play tug of war during dorm olympics


A vivid sense of community is at the heart of life on campus.

俱乐部 & 组织

When it’s time to put your studies on hold, there’s so much fun to be had at Haverford. 在这里, you have just as much freedom to fill your recreational calendar as you do to forge your own academic path. Living so close to so many peers makes it easy to build on shared interests, take impromptu trips to Philadelphia, 加入…之一 超过145个俱乐部认识很多新朋友.


Residential life at Haverford can take on many different forms, from traditional dorms to apartment living to specialized houses dedicated to a cultural or academic focus.


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在这里, in dorms without RAs, you’re trusted to share living quarters entirely with your peers

A mouthwatering stack of fluffy pancakes with butter on top


无论是在正餐, 深夜学习休息时间, 或者一时兴起的聚会, 你会发现美味, 健康的, sustainable food to fuel your interactions.


期末周的第一亮点? Midnight Breakfast, when deans and the President serve students their fave breakfast fare!


Whether you’re an elite varsity runner competing in a conference championship or a flag football enthusiast darting around Cope Field, exercising the body and mind go hand-in-hand at Haverford. 体育运动 allows students to grow and learn, express creativity and leadership, and strive for excellence just as they do in the classroom, 在实验室里, 或者在舞台上.


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    of our students play on a varsity or club team

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members of the track and field team practice in the sunshine

At Haverford, everyone’s in the game.

Haverford fields 23 Varsity teams and club and intramural options include badminton, 机组人员, 高尔夫球, 足球, 极限飞盘, 排球, 和橄榄球.

照片:Michael Branscom.

the football team poses together back in the late 1800s


十大博彩公司 phased out football in 1972. Who needs football when you field the only varsity cricket team in America?


谁主宰世界? 松鼠!

我们福特. So what’s with the Black Squirrel? Our mascot is the Black Squirrel, whose real-life cousins are longtime denizens of our arboretum campus. They seldom stay still long enough for a photo op.

black squirrel mascot relaxing on campus
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The Black Squirrel has a genetic adaptation that gives it a bold, black coat. Join our distinctive community and stand out from the pack with your fellow Haverfordians.

* 这不是一个真实的数据

松鼠 are a symbol of feisty, energetic determination!

When it really comes down to it, everyone’s a “creative.”

Artistic expression and appreciation lead to new viewpoints—viewpoints that you’ll find yourself applying to your life inside and outside your classes and laboratories. Even if you don’t take a class in the arts, our wide array of student-generated programming, 俱乐部, and exhibitions will ensure that you see the world in a new light.

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    校园画廊 & 展览空间


Stop by our 虚拟访问 page to get a feel for 十大博彩公司!


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As a Ford, you can help guide any of the more than 145 campus 俱乐部 and organizations.